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Orecchioni 500gr

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Similar to orecchiette, but larger in size, they represent the typical format of homemade pasta, a gastronomic symbol of Puglia. The handmade orecchiette pugliesi are packaged and sold in a 500g fresh savory bag, with a controlled atmosphere to preserve the flavor of traditional fresh pasta.


Durum wheat semolina, water,.


The Apulian mumps are round and concave, with the center thinner than the edge and with the rough surface. This particular shape makes them ideal to be combined with any type of condiment, although the Apulian tradition has always married them with turnip tops.


Broccoli oysters and sweet sausage

Step 1: start to bring a pot full of salted water to the boil. Remove the tops (1) from the broccoli, then transfer them to the boiling water (2) and place a lid on the pan (3). Cook the vegetables for 6-7 minutes and in the meantime continue with the rest. Finely chop the thyme and rosemary (4) and keep aside. Cut the sausage and remove the casing, gently pulling it with your hands (5), then shell the sausage with the prongs of a fork (6).

Stop2: Sprinkle with olive oil a large skillet (7) and fry the garlic clove, then add the sausage (8). After a few seconds add the chopped aromatic herbs and blend the meat with the white wine (9). With the help of a skimmer, then without throwing away the cooking water, take the cooked broccoli (10) and add it to the meat a little at a time (11).

Step3: Cook everything for 3-4 minutes, then remove the garlic with the help of a kitchen tongs (12). Let the water where you have cooked the broccoli reach the boil (13) and then lower the pasta and let it cook (14). When the pasta is cooked, drain it with a skimmer (15), transferring it directly into the broccoli and sausage dressing. The orecchiette with broccoli and sausage are ready, you just have to plate and sprinkle with a pinch of aromatic herbs (18).


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