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Gargan'ok is an artisan company founded in order to produce liqueurs, pasta, sweets, jams and taralli according to the ancient recipes of Gargano: the company is now a reference point for the most refined palates, lovers of genuine food and the Italian and Apulian culinary traditions. Everything is made possible above all by the genuine raw materials used during the production process; each phase of the same is certified and meets the highest European standards in terms of food safety.
The production is based on 5 production lines:

  • PASTA: pasta is produced exclusively with durum wheat semolina and water; available in sizes of 250 gr, 500 gr and 1 kg (the latter also available in the tubular format that captures the customer's attention), is made with durum wheat semolina of high quality and water and is typical of Puglia.
  • LIQUORS: the range of liquors is very wide; there are more than 80 types of liqueurs and creams among which the LIMONULIVO called L'AMARO DEL GARGANO stands out with an infusion of olive leaves. ORANGE-ALLORO, AMARO OF THE UMBRA FOREST, PISTACCHIELLO, MANDARINELLO, COCONUT CREAM, BANANA, FICO D'INDIA etc ...
  • DESSERTS: the typical sweets we produce vary from the classic stuffed wafers to cartellate with almonds and honey, cartellate with cooked wine, mostaccioli with lemon mostaccioli with chocolate, mostaccioli with cooked wine, taralli with wine, loaf of grandma (milk biscuits), tartufini, ugly but good made with almond paste, little roses made with almonds and orange peel, delicious with white wine, black wine, orange, lemon, wild berries, pistachio, almond made with almonds, eggs and sugar without flour and many others.
  • JAMS: jams of oranges, lemons and tangerines produced without preservatives. ONLY WITH THE FRUIT OF GARGANO AND SUGAR.
  • TARALLI: in addition to the classic tarallini known and repeated in many variations, we proudly offer TOZZETTI (excellent for tasting in WineBars to accompany a glass of wine): it is a small, friable, roundish tarallo which was much appreciated (ONE DRAFT THE OTHER) because it is made only with extra virgin olive oil, white wine and flour, all natural. RUTCHES OF RAPA, PORCINI MUSHROOMS, POTATOES AND ROSEMARY, CHOCOLATE AND CHILLI, OLIVES AND ORANGES, CACIOCAVALLO ecc ...



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